Hannibal is a town in former Missouri (now part of the Plains Commonwealth), located along the Mississippi river. Hannibal was the childhood home of Samuel L. Clemens, better known as Mark Twain.


For a short time, the town was overrun by super mutants. After signficant fighting, the Midwest faction of the Brotherhood of Steel has kept this area pretty much clear of all hostile factions for the past fifty years. A small group of dedicated scholars and literary enthusiasts have settled here because of its historical and literary significance. Because of the MWBoS faction’s differences from the other BoS entities, this is also a relatively safe place for all forms of non-violent enterprise. Many people on the run turn to this region to start a new life.


Hannibal primarily makes its money as an agricultural and trading town. Things being shipped down the Mississippi often come through Hannibal, as well as resupplying travelers on their way. The caves under the town were fairly well protected from the fallout, and the underground water sources are significantly lower in radiation.

Occasionally travelers will visit the town for some of the historical landmarks.


Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse
America’s Hometown Library
Rockcliffe Mansion
Twain’s Caves


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