Robert Harrison

Famed marksman and scout for the 104th militia


PO – 2
PD – 2
PF – 3
MO – 1
MD – 2
MF – 1

- America is still great, and I will do whatever is necessary to defend it
- Having new adventures is more important than safety
- Everything is a competition

- When threatened, shoot first and ask questions later
- If there is opportunity, take a swig of gin before shooting
- Will eat at every opportunity

- Scar on right side of stomach where I was shot
- Extroverted and fun loving
- Guilt ridden about his brothers in arms that died from the slavers

Major Flaw:
- Not cautious enough, jumps head-first into dangerous situations

- Marksmanship (PF – 10)
- Survivalism (MO – 7)
- Farming (PO – 6)
- Fishing (MD – 6)
- Land navigation (MF – 5)
- Observation (MO – 6)


Early 30s, white male, black hair cut short, 5’ 8", skinny

Robert James Harrison, known to his friends as Rob, grew up in a rural area in the Northeast farming with his family and raising Brahmin.

After turning 18, he joined the local militia. He scored exceptionally well as a marksman, and was taught to be a scout.

Upon returning from a routine scouting operation, he saw that some well armed slavers had killed or captured most of his squadron and were breaking into the local armory. He did what had to be done and picked them one by one, killing a total of 15 of them. He did end up getting shot in the stomach. After taking some medical leave and being plagued by grief, he decided to seek adventure to the south with a man he rescued, Epac Saul.

Robert Harrison

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